Updated COVID-19 information for Morley, as of January 9, 2021.

Since yesterday, there have been 19 new cases reported. There are 73 active cases being managed by Stoney Health Services.

Please limit ALL non-essential contact with anyone outside of your household. The transmission risk is VERY high right now. Please stay home and avoid non-essential travel. Do not attend any gatherings as they are prohibited.

Please remember to follow isolation restrictions if you are COVID positive. Also, please follow quarantine restrictions if you’re a CLOSE CONTACT. If you violate a public health order, you may subject to a $1000 fine.

If you’re concerned someone is not following public health orders, you can request service from AHS public health inspectors by:

  • Phone: 1-833-415-9179
  • Online: https://ephisahs.microsoftcrmportals.com/create-case/