Updated COVID-19 information for Morley, as of February 9, 2022

Please note, these are only PCR lab test results. Actual positive cases in Morley could be higher as Rapid Antigen Test results are not being tracked at this time.

There are no new positive cases and 5 people have recovered since the last update. There are 5 active cases being managed by Stoney Health Services in Morley.  

At-home COVID tests (Rapid Antigen Tests)

Rapid at-home tests are available through your band office. Note, there are limited quantities of rapid antigen tests with more tests expected in the near future. Contact your band office for an update on supply.

If a person tests positive at home, using a rapid test, you do not need a PCR confirmation (COVID PCR test by nurse) unless you are considered a high risk for severe illness.  

People who test positive for COVID-19 with an at-home test should isolate immediately and are advised to:

  • Self-isolate (for at least five days from the first day you had symptoms if you are fully vaccinated (at least two doses), or at least 10 days if you are not vaccinated)
  • Manage symptoms
  • Notify close contacts